Andaman & Nicobar islands
Sandy toes & virgin beaches
This archipelago of 572 islands is home of some of the most immaculate beaches, diving spots, thickly decorated forests, home-grown cultures and fascinating history. Located across the bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar islands is a perfect destination to consider island hopping, catching a perfect view of the sunrise and the sunset. This wild and exotic destination is wretchedly beautiful. Crystal clear water and calm environment, meagrely populated beaches with an ocean brimming and thick luscious forest, this destination is also the go-to destination for marine experience, which truly changes your life. The spirit of Andaman and Nicobar can never be broken. Be it volcano diving at Narcondam or Snorkeling at Neil islands, the flora and the fauna around the place will never let you leave disappointed.... More
Things you gotta know


The Islands are warm and humid so it is advisable to wear Cotton outfits . If you want to avoid skin tanning then you can wear cotton full sleeve cloths. If you are travelling in rainy season i.e., between May to September the please carry umbrella and rain coats. Warm clothes like sweater and over coats are an absolute NO-NO. Other accessories might include Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion etc.


Accessories that are MUST: Hats, very good quality sunglasses, sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30, water proof shoes preferrably flats. If you are going for trekking or hiking it is always good to carry an extra pair of shoes. Accessories that you can easily get in the Island shops are mosquito repellent (cream, lotion or a device), hats etc.


Please ensure that you have made appropriate reservations both for the forward and return journey (especially if you are traveling by ship). Very seldom the weather conditions (or technical failures) may disallow the ship to sail at the scheduled time. Presently only once weekly ship is available. Railway reservation counter is available at Port Blair.


Foreign nationals require a permit to visit and stay in this Islands.


Carry your Credit Card, ATM card, Vehicle driving license, Passport & Visa (only applicable for foreign nationals). Indian Citizens do not require Passport or Visa but it is advisable to carry a government provided identity document like AADHAAR Card, PAN card, Driving license etc. Two wheeler vehicles are available on hire at all Islands in Andamans.

Sea journey

Motion sickness during the sea journey may be a troublesome experience, but few tips might be handy. Never plan your first sea journey during the period of April to June months - the sea is known to be rough during this period. Unless you are a habitual ship traveller, don't underestimate your body - in a 3-days journey due to the rolling and pitching against the sea (Local 'Hindi' term is for rolling and pitching is 'Halfa' or 'Halpa'), motion sickness may set in any healthy being. Consult your family doctor for advise on which motion sickness pills are suitable for you. Remember to start the anti motion sickness drug(s) at least half an hour before boarding the ship. Do not forget - these drug(s) work best if it is started prior to the start of journey. If you start the motion sickness medications after the motion sickness sets in then the drug(s) may not help at all. All passenger ships employ a doctor on board for the passengers (free of cost). Consult the Medical officer inside the ship when required.

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Things You Gotta Carry
Flip flops
Cotton Clothes
Insect repellent
How To Reach
The region is an island covered on all sides by water and distant from land. Hence you cannot reach by roads.... More
Getting Around
Bike Rental

Between islands

Andaman and Nicobar are a vast archipelago, and aside from some erratic, infrequent and expensive helicopter shuttles and a pricy seaplane service to Havelock Island, passenger ferries are the only way to get between the islands. There is also the Infiniti Liveaboard that makes trips to destinations such as Cinque, Barren, Narcondam and other islands. In high season demand often exceeds supply, so book your tickets at least one day in advance, either through a travel agent or directly at Port Blair's harbour. Ferry ticket booking has now been computerised. This means you can book any ferry from any jetty - i.e. Rangat to Havelock from the Diglipur ferry jetty.

Withing islands

Auto rickshaws are available at Port Blair & Havelock island.
Taxis are available in Port Blair. Drivers double up as guides. A.c. taxis are also available.
Scooters & Motorcycles used to be available for rent in Port Blair, however, its not very easy to get one now. Auto-rickshaws may be the best way to move around the city. However, in Havelock Island they are the best option to enjoy a ride to the Radhanagar beach or around. It may cost you around Rs. 150 - Rs. 250 per day with a security deposit of around Rs. 750 - Rs. 1000.

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