Reminisce the Royal Past
Jaipur, the city of majesty and royal heritage, The Pink City of India, is the capital of Rajasthan. A perfect balance between the old and the new, Jaipur gives you the finest taste of Indian royalty and the new vicinity. Not just that, it is also famous for its art and culture. From the grand festivals like Teej and Gangaur Fair, to the mouth-watering Rajasthani meal, Jaipur is one spectacular sight. Taking a trip exploring this city would leave a person wondering about the diversified timeline. The camel safaris to the sunset at the Jal Mahal, the vibrant bazaars, full of colourful handicrafts making a perfect souvenir, to the ancient monuments, the lively festivals that you cannot miss, to the extraordinary Rajasthani Cuisine, one falls in love with the imperial corridors of the Pink City. This royal city gives every traveller an experience of an eternity.... More
Things you gotta know
1)Summers can be harshly hot and dry in Jaipur, hence light clothes made of cotton or linen is highly recommended. A sun hat and an umbrella are advisable. You must carry a high factor sun block and sunscreen lotion. A good pair of sunglasses are a must.
2)At daytime in summers it is recommended that one sticks to long pants/trousers or skirts than shorts. The sun is very harsh and even 15 minutes in the open can cause serious sun damage.
3)Please make sure you carry your medicines. The food is spicy for the non- asian palate and may cause stomach infections or acidity. Please carry antacids and digestive pills.
4)Also energy tablets or drinks could be of a huge use because the sun completely dehydrates your body so while sightseeing you may need these. If you suffer from asthma or sinus please carry your medicines, sometimes there are dust storms and it may cause issues for people suffering from these conditions.
5)Photographs should only be taken of places where they are permitted and if you wish to take a photograph of a local person you must get their permission first.
6)Stay close to MI Road or Pink City for easier sightseeing. Some budget hotels are available in Bani Park near the station which are not too far away.
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Things You Gotta Carry
Cotton Clothes
How To Reach
A road trip to Jaipur is a lot of fun. The Delhi-Jaipur National Highway offers a smooth ride (260 kilometres) with plenty of restaurants and amenities on the way. The road leading to Jaipur is well-connected by National Highways 8, 11 and 12.... More
Getting Around
Bike Rental
Self Drive Rental Car

Local Bus:

Local bus Jaipur bus official web site: http://www.jaipurbus.com/route_map.html


The taxis in Jaipur are very convenient and comfortable. Most of the vehicles are Maruti Omni Vans or Tata Indica cars, which are much safer than Auto rickshaws, and the drivers are polite

By rented motorcycle

In Jaipur you can rent motorcycles and scooters to get around city and outstation trips. You can rent two wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) on hourly rental basis from roadpanda

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