The golden city
Steeped in history and offering breath-taking visuals of citadels of old times, the desert city of Jaisalmer is a World Heritage Site. It is the administrative headquarters of the largest district in Rajasthan and shares an international border with Pakistan. Jaisalmer is subsumed by the golden sands of time that sparkles with memories and tales of valiant heroes, religious ascetics, beautiful princesses, conniving kings and clever ministers. The city is known for Desert Safari and its Jaisalmer Fort, which is also known as the Golden Fort.... More
Things you gotta know
• Summers can be harshly hot and dry in Jaisalmer, hence light clothes made of cotton or linen is highly recommended. A sun hat and an umbrella are advisable. You must carry a high factor sun block and sunscreen lotion. A good pair of sunglasses are a must.
• At daytime in summers it is recommended that one sticks to long pants/trousers or skirts than shorts. The sun is very harsh and even 15 minutes in the open can cause serious sun damage.
• The food is spicy for the non- asian palate and may cause stomach infections or acidity. Please carry antacids and digestive pills.
• Also energy tablets or drinks could be of a huge use because the sun completely dehydrates your body so while sightseeing you may need these. If you suffer from asthma or sinus please carry your medicines, sometimes there are dust storms and it may cause issues for people suffering from these conditions.
• Photographs should only be taken of places where they are permitted and if you wish to take a photograph of a local person you must get their permission first.
• Its recommended to take the stay near Jaisalmer fort since many sightseeing places are in the vicinity to it. This would save you a lot of time.
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Things You Gotta Carry
Cotton Clothes
How To Reach
Attracting people to enjoy long rides in their own vehicles, a journey to Jaisalmer by road offers a host of opportunities to double their entertainment quotient. Witnessing the picturesque landscapes welcoming the tourist fraternity, a visit to Jaisalmer by car is the most exciting travel option.... More
Getting Around
Bike Rental
Self Drive Rental Car

General transportations in Jaisalmer are Auto rickshaw and bicycles because these are the good ways to get around. Auto rickshaw is a comfortable mode of transportation. Just keep in mind that drivers might not be friendly all the times. It is recommended to take rickshaw when you take congested roads. There are monuments that are situated in close alleys and rickshaws and bicycles might prove handy in avoiding bottlenecks.
Cabs are also available both government operated and private operated. Opt for government operated ones that have authentic rate-cards. Cabs are costly to hire and a lot of dickering takes place with the cab drivers. If you want company and are really low at cash, City tour and site seeing buses are also available which are downright cheap.
Bicycles are available for hiring on an hourly/daily basis, which is a good way to tour the Golden City.
The best way to explore the city is on a bike. You can easily get a bike on rent in Jaisalmer.
Self drive cars are also available which you can take on rent.
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