McLeod Ganj
A Piece Of Peace
This beautiful Himalayan town is located in the upper part of Dharamshala in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It was established as British settlement during British Rule in India and named after David McLeod. Now it is the headquarters of Tibetan government in exile and the residence of the Dalai Lama. Because of its Tibetan culture this hill station is also called “Little Lhasa.” Being in the lap of Himalayas this small town offer many activities for its visitors. ... More
Things you gotta know
The place is recognized for its various attractions together with the residence of the 14th Dalai Lama. The place is one of the most visited spots in Dharamshala and is famed for its Tibetan culture, handicrafts and temples. The Hanuman Tibba is the premier peak at the height of 5,639 meters above sea level and can be viewed from McLeod Ganj.
Courses available include yoga, meditation, reiki, Tibetan and Indian cooking classes, Tibetan language classes and Thai massage. Many courses include vegetarian meals, and are offered at meditation centres.
There are some opportunities to volunteer whilst in Dharamsala. For longer term options such as 1 month or more ask at the LHA office in the middle of the town. Staff there are very friendly and always welcoming if people wish to teach, tutor or get involved in conversational classes.
Please don’t make the place dirty by throwing wrappers, tissues and other things here and there. Carry a polythene bag with yourself. collect the garbage( warappers, foodleftovers, etc ) in it and whenever you spot a dustbin, put it in notaround.
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Things You Gotta Carry
Water Bottles
Plastic bags
Hand sanitizer
Moisturizing cream
How To Reach
It is not recommended to drive by your self to these curvy hilly road you can hire a experienced chauffeur or you can opt for a taxi. A taxi from Pathankot to McLeod Ganj, a distance of 88 km, takes about 3 hours, and the official fare from Pathankot is ₹ 1,300 (return). However the asking rate is always ₹ 2,200 and you can negotiate to around ₹ 1,700 ( ₹100 is probably charged as a toll ). Taxis from Delhi are often available leaving from Majnu Ki Tila Tibetan settlement in North Delhi on the ring road. Many people take a taxi to Delhi which takes about 10 hours and pay the return fare simply because they don't want to deal with the hassle and pain of taking a bus. These taxis need to return to Dharamshala, and many times will sell seats in their car for the same price as a bus ticket. To find these taxis, go to the Majnu Ki Tila Tibetan Settlement Bus Stand and look for taxis which have Himachal Pradesh License plates. Often the taxis will leave in the evening. ... More
Getting Around

McLeodganj is best explored on foot. You can take rikshaws as well for relatively longer distances eventually you will notice McLeod Ganj is small enough to be navigated on foot. Public buses to Dharamsala leave roughly hourly and cost ₹ 10. Chartered auto-rickshaws charge around ₹ 100, taxis are now ₹ 200 one-way. Trips from McLeod Ganj to nearby points (e.g. Bhagsu) should not cost much more than ₹ 80.... More