The queen of Hills, truly!
Situated in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the finest hill stations of India. Filled with glorious mountain ranges, as it was once called ‘The Queen Of Hills’ by the British, Shimla is bound to leave everyone spellbound, never ceasing to amaze people. Displaying the ancient Victorian style of architecture, snow-covered mountains, enthralling greenery, lively Bazaars, the serene environment and the temple tops, the aesthetic vibe of the city truly defines beauty. Throughout the year, travelers, families, honeymooners, from all over, visit Shimla and are left in wonder of the mesmerizing ambience. Offering a wide range of attractions to famous places, Shimla truly makes you fall in love with the place, leaving you mesmerized.... More
Things you gotta know

1)Take care of your luggage and watch out for over friendly strangers. They may offer help in the sweetest manner and vanish with your baggage.

2)Respect the local traditions and try not to offend the people over there. People in Shimla or anywhere.

3)India are fiercely protective of their religion and any threat to it is met with raging tempers.

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Things You Gotta Carry
Woolen Clothes
Comfortable shoes
How To Reach

Shimla is well-connected by road network to all major cities in north India.

Chandigarh - Shimla(119km):Buses, Taxi available

Delhi - Shimla(350km):Buses, Taxi available

Shimla-Haridwar via Dehradun

Shimla-Katra via Chandigarh-Pathankot-Jammu

Shimla-Manali routes

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Getting Around
Bike Rental


Many buses are available from Shimla to nearby places which are economically viable and a reliable option.


In Shimla, you can hire taxis and private cabs for getting to places. Comfortable and easily available.

Walk around

Walk around to explore the city at its best and slowly absorb what’s on offer. Get to know Shimla from the street view.

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