Beach Bumming
It's time to get lazy
With such picturesque beaches as Corbyn’s Cove, Elephant and Long Island, soaking up the sun should be priority number one in the Andaman. White sand, vast Bay of Bengal to look forward to and a pristine environment, there is nothing more you can ask for. you can laze around on ny one of andaman’s beach for the whole day. They are so calm and beautiful all throughout the day that you wouldn’t want to leave the place for the whole day. Though the islands are popular destinations, the beaches are not crowded and you can find your own spot to sunbathe in.... More
Why should you try
Everyone likes to get lazy once in a while. Finally, you get the sun, the beach, breeze and a beer alongside your friends you should definately be lazy. You deserve it. Get in your favourite clothes, flaunt your body if you want just lie down or go for a swim in the ocean. This day is yours. This beach is yours.... More
What should you know
During high tide, water may be a foot deeper in last 20 feet or so. While snorkeling, keep an eye out for the glass-bottom boats. Remember to pack food and water as there will be less food stalls on a relaxed beach because people won't be there. This holds true against many beaches in Andaman... More
How To Reach
One can reach Elephant beach by small cruise boat from Havelock Jetty in about 40 minutes. By road one can go up to the Forest Camp which is 8 Kms from the Jetty towards Radhanagar side and from there by walk to the Elephant beach which will take another 40 minutes. Private ferry operators organize tours to Elephant beach from Havelockow_to_reach_by_train
Best time to visit
3 - 4 hours
Time to explore