Biking alongside Pangong Tso
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Remember the breathtakingly beautiful lake from 3 Idiots where Kareena Kapoor confessed her love? It’s Pangong Tso, a lake amongst the popular tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh, is situated on the Changtang plateau in eastern Ladakh region. The lake offers an awesome site for camping and is the current hotspot for all people traveling to Ladakh. The first glimpse of the tranquil, azure blue waters and shaky lakeshore remains etched in the memory of tourists. After reaching Pangong Tso, Do not think your journey has ended. The road adjacent to Pangong Tso is even more blissful and beautiful than the previous long journey. Next morning, this One hour ride will totally give you an experience which you won't forget ever. The initial cafes are just on the boundaries of Spangmik village which is actually 15-20kms ahead on the same road. So ignite the engines and drive parallel to the Pangong with almost zero traffic on road. It will be magical. ... More
Why should you try
Everyday we commute in congested areas, with pollution in air, traffic jams and what not. Rarely, we do get a chance to ride alongside a beautiful calm lake, with absolutely fresh air and no traffic. So, get on your ride travel to the picturesque Pangong lake and have a memorable time.... More
What should you know
When you reach Pangong Lake generally it will be an afternoon or an evening and there are cafes, and staying options right when you reach it. But the road continues till far ahead where we are suggesting you to go after a night stop or a few hours stop at Pangong. You can easaily glide through to the next settlement 10km ahead called the 'Spangmik'... More
Things to care about
Do check the condition of your ride before you departure from Leh, and during the journey ride responsibly and sensibly so as to give no harm to other travellers and your own vehicle even due to road condition.
Keep your neccassary identification and permit documents with you at all times, it is a very sensitive region where army has a strategic importance to keep. So you can be thoroughly examined regarding the same.
... More
How To Reach
Pangong-Spangmik(20km)Most probably you will reach Pangong in the second half of day tired. You should select any of the cafes and have the full night to talk and enjoy, Don't forget stargazing though. Next morning, Ignite your engines and go forward till Spangmik before returning to Leh.
Best time to visit
1 - 2 days
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