Buy the extremely famous Ladakhi Pashmina
at the Nomadic Woolen mills
History & Culture
Pashmina (also known as Pashm) is a fine cashmere wool, coming from Kashmir in India and some parts of Nepal. The word ‘Pashmina’ comes from the Persian word ‘Pashmineh’ which means ‘made from Pashm’, and Pash means wool in Persian. The Iranians, who came to Kashmir via the Ladakh route, gave the fabric its name, ‘Pashmina’.
There are two wonderful shops where you can buy genuine Ladakhi goods, both at very fair prices where you don’t have to bargain. Nomadic Woolen Mills sells really fine Ladakhi pashmina (which is just another word for cashmere).
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Why should you try
Pashmina shawls are world famous for their features in the textile industry. It is exported at a much higher rates outside Jammu and Kashmir, and the ladies around the world just love it and ready to almost pay anything for it. You can surprise yourself and the ladies at your home by buying for them a pashmina shawl which are relatively very cheaper in Leh just because of the reason they are produced here. Don't dissapoint them.... More
What should you know
These are available at many stores in the main bazaar, Leh. You can compare and purchase it from there while having a stroll.... More
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How To Reach
Many cloth markets are present in the main bazaar and they will never be out of stock. Maximum hotels are nearby Leh main market so you need not even hire a cab or something, just head up for a stroll and you will reach the market lanes inevitably.
Best time to visit
1 - 2 hours
Time to explore