Parasailing at havelock island
Fly but stay grounded
To satiate your adrenaline rush try parasailing. It is a blend of water & air borne adventure. Tied behind a motorboat while harnessed in a parachute, you get to fly like a kite behind the boat as it speeds off into the sea.... More
Why should you try
Parasailing is a entertaining activity you could be a part of. It gives you amazing views of the ocean touching the horizon's and at the same time your friends, families waving from underneath from the boat. On request the incharge could also throw you in water and then again pick you up to the heights. It's an amazing casual activity to do. Also, you go far away from the coast to do this generally which should be a huge plus.... More
What should you know
Parasailing is priced uniformly at almost everywhere at Havelock. While you can do parasailing you can also accompany it with the other water sports there like the banana ride, Jet Ski, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Sea walks ... More
How To Reach

By water

The best way to reach Havelock is by the air conditioned catamaran ferry, which takes only 90 minutes from Port Blair. There are government ferry services available as well which take about 2.5 hours. Do book your tickets in advance during peak season.

By air

You can fly to Havelock from Port Blair in 20 minutes in a seaplane operated by Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited. The services are usually available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Best time to visit
1 - 2 hours
Time to explore