Visit the serene Hatu peak
A Peaceful hangout
Hatu Peak at 11,000 feet is a good trek near Shimla. The temple of Hatu Mata is situated on the top and contains some intricate wood work. You can view the snow covered Himalayan Peaks in all directions and see valleys and apple orchards on the slopes below.... More
Why should you try
There are a few treks that all trekkers know about and a few treks that no one knows about. It’s mostly the unknown treks that catch you off guard and throw surprises at you.
The Hatu Peak is such a trek. It is a day hike, but packs in everything that you get in a full-fledged Himalayan trek – dark pine forests, superb mountain views, enchanting meadows and the thrill of walking on snow, provided you time it right
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What should you know
The trek starts at Narkhanda, 63 km from Shimla. So, it is perfect for those looking for a weekend trek from Delhi. Time it during the first few weeks of March and you can treat yourself to fresh, untouched snow.
The Hatu peak trek is a trail to the summit of the Hatu hill that overlooks Narkhanda. The sacred shrine of Hatu Mata atop the hill, a temple revered by the locals, makes a fitting finale to the trek.
This trek can be done in a day with ease even though there are steep sections in between.
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Things to care about
Hatu peak has a temple on its highest surface. So, don't get any wild ideas as the devotees and pundits can become offended.
Remember to carry water and food as there is no source of these up there.
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How To Reach

1)The nearest airport is Shimla Airport which requires a one hour drive to reach.

2)The nearest railway station too is situated in Shimla at approximately 68 km from Hatu Peak. One can either take a bus or book a cab from here to the destination.

3)One way to get to the peak is by driving, either your own vehicle or a rental vehicle as there is a nice road going to the peak which hosts the Hatu Mata mandir

4)Another way is that you can obviously trek to the top, You can abandon the road and climb straight up which would make it a 4 km trek. This trek can be done in a day with ease even though there are steep sections in between.

Best time to visit
1 - 2 days
Time to explore