Amer fort
A walk through the royal corridors
Amer fort
A walk through the royal corridors
distance from city
3 - 4 hours
time to explore
8am - 5pm

This massive fort-palace complex built in hybrid Hindu-Muslim style dates back to Raja Man Singh and was the royal palace of the Kachwahas from 1600-1727. It's one of six world heritage forts in Rajasthan. The name has nothing to do with the rather pretty pastel yellow colour; instead, the fort is named after the town of Amber, in turn named after the goddess Amba. The main sights within the fort include the Sheesh Mahal, adorned with thousands on thousands of mirror tiles on the walls and ceiling. The Amer Fort was built in red sandstone and marble and the Maotha Lake adds a certain charm to the entire Fort. Though the fort is quite old and may even look so from the outside, it is beautiful on the inside and boasts of various buildings of prominence.

Amer Fort is the best tourist attraction of Jaipur and the sprawling complex combines both immense fortifications with unexpected beauty and charm.

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Things you gotta know

1)Do not forget the wonderful laser show

2)There is a special evening viewing from 6:30-9, ₹100 for all

3)Elephant rides: ₹900

4)Amer fort is a UNESCO world heritage site, so please be respectful to the local authorities and the monument itself. It's the pride of Jaipur & even Indian princely states reign

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How To Reach

Amer Fort lies 12km to the north of Jaipur and a single taxi fare will cost Rs200-250 while using the supposedly enforced auto rickshaw rate will cost Rs85 but most visitors pay Rs250-300 for round trip with 2 hours of waiting time.

The grandest way to reach the gates of Amer from the main car park is by elephant and this experience costs Rs900 for two people. Inside Amer Fort there is very limited tourist signage so most visitors hire a private guide that lasts for approximately 1 hour and costs Rs450.