Cellular Jail
When Andaman wasn't a tourist destination
Cellular Jail
When Andaman wasn't a tourist destination
distance from city
1 - 3 hours
time to explore
9am - 5pm
Historically known as kaala paani, the jail was used by the British to imprison political prisoners. The most famous freedom fighter to be imprisoned here was V.D. Savarkar. Its always amazing to look into our non independence era, and this jail is one of the live examples that reminds us of the existence of that era. One can easily imagine the extremities the prisoners used to go through when they were put behind those iron bars in Kaala Paani. Visit the Memorial to understand the significance of the islands in India’s fight for independence.... More
Why should you go
Cellular Jail is the symbol of ancient Andaman which is now a tourist destination. Once this island was a prison mostly for freedom fighters of India. This prison has an emotional content attached to it which no traveller can ignore and hence comes here atleast one when they are on the islands. A tourist destination around a prison, that's how time works.... More
What should you know
There are small entry fees, allowance fees for various technical instruments including camera and other photographic devices. Fees are very minimal ranging from 10-100 bucks... More
How To Reach
If you planned to visit at Cellular Jail then you should first reach at Port Blair, Andaman Island. After that you can travel to Cellular Jail by local buses or with any other four wheelers. It is few minutes away from Port Blair main Town by bus.