Elephant beach
Excellent spot for snorkelling
Elephant beach
Excellent spot for snorkelling
distance from city
3 - 4 hours
time to explore
Elephant Beach is approximately 20 minutes by boat from the Havelock Island dock. The boat ride to Elephant beach passing through the light house is amazing. Elephant beach is the second most sorted out attraction in Havelock Island. Turquoise coloured water, fallen tree trunks, mangrove creek, exquisite coral reef is what attracts thousands of travellers each year to this location. ... More
Why should you go
This beach is an ideal site for snorkeling. It has a rich coral reef formation and amazing underwater marine life. This destination offers beautiful white sand beach along with an amazing coral reef which starts at a depth less than a metre. The white sand beach and the blue green water at the Elephant beach is enticing for almost every traveller... More
What should you know
Snorkelling and Sea Walk are the two activities that cannot be missed when in Elephant Beach.
During high tide, water may be a foot deeper in last 20 feet or so. While snorkeling, keep an eye out for the glass-bottom boats.
Beach is mostly crowded in the morning till lunch, after which all tourists start to take the returning boat
Remember to pack food and water, there is very limited option like Tender Coconut and Bhel Puri.
You are not allowed to stay in the beach after 4:00 PM. All boats return back by that time.
Shower rooms are NOT available by the beach.
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How To Reach
One can reach Elephant beach by small cruise boat from Havelock Jetty in about 40 minutes. By road one can go up to the Forest Camp which is 8 Kms from the Jetty towards Radhanagar side and from there by walk to the Elephant beach which will take another 40 minutes. Private ferry operators organize tours to Elephant beach from Havelock.