Neil island
A small island with a relaxed vibe
Neil island
A small island with a relaxed vibe
distance from city
1 - 2 days
time to explore
Neil is quite small compared to Havelock. Its widest part is about 5 km in length. You can walk the whole island in about an hour or two. The total population of this island is 2675. In Neil there are three good sand beaches. The colour of sea water is light blue, dark blue and green. Neil Island is a peaceful island. Neil is located to the south of the Andaman Islands. Neil Island is known as the ‘vegetable bowl’ of the Andamans. ... More
Why should you go
Neil, with its very relaxed vibe and long, deserted beaches is a place to chill out after the bustle of Havelock Island. With unexplored coral reefs, brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forest and vegetation, it is one of the hot tourist spots in the Andamans.... More
What should you know
The Islands are warm and humid so it is advisable to wear Cotton outfits. If you want to avoid skin tanning then you can wear cotton full sleeve cloths.
Please ensure that you have made appropriate reservations both for the forward and return journey (especially if you are traveling by ship). Very seldom the weather conditions (or technical failures) may disallow the ship to sail at the scheduled time. Presently only once weekly ship is available.
There are private hotels in Neil Island which provide accommodation at reasonable rates. Foreign tourists tend to spend, upto two weeks on this island. You can also get light bikes on rent for very cheap rates here. It's a budget friendly destination.
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How To Reach
The goverment ferry from Port Blair to Neil takes about 2 hours. Two boats (6:30 am and 11:00 am) leaving at Phoenix Bay Jetty make the round trip from Port Blair to Neil Island every day. Tickets can be booked in advance in Port Blair and Havelock. From Rangat Rangat (via Long Island and Havelock) there is also a ferry coming from the north to Neil. Boat timings are subject to change/cancellation due to weather and you should check the latest boat schedule (incl. fares) at while planning for your trip. There are also 2 private boat companies operating between Port Blair, Havelock and Neil: Mackruzz and Ocean Green