Old Manali
As idle as a fairy tale
Old Manali
As idle as a fairy tale
2.8 Km
distance from city
4 hours
time to explore
6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
A bridge over gushing Manalsu River is a gateway to another world known as the Old Manali. The village has an exotic charm; not foreign, not entirely Indian. It is as if you have crossed into another country. Just as the Beas River stopped the invincible force of Alexander’s armies from marching further east, Old Manali has somehow chiseled out a world of its own guarded by Manalsu River. The village is as idle as a fairy tale but at the same time it is exposed to the comfort of today’s world.Old Manali is most famous for its Hidimba temple. Tucked away in the lap of quiet nature, this destination is the perfect place to experience the pure beauty of Himachal Pradesh.... More
Why should you go
Old Manali is a backpacker's paradise. Lying at a distance of 3 kilometers uphill from the central city, Old Manali is often frequented by tourists from all across the world. Here you can sit back and relax in the lap of nature, away from the hullabaloo of city life. The serenity of Old Manali is perhaps unique. The swaying eucalyptus, gently winding roads, gushing waters of the Kullu river and beautiful hills of this destination make it the perfect natural retreat. The sunrise and sunsets here are intoxicating, and you will surely love the energy of this place.... More
What should you know
Old Manali is the perfect destination to try out some offbeat activities. You can hire a scooter and explore the roads of the city all on your own. Get your adrenaline pumping with the water rappelling activities available here, which will surely leave you gasping for breath. A nature walk here along with your camera is a must for this destination sure has a few sceneries to soothe the eyes. Don't forget to buy some of the delicious cherries which are famous here. Explore the true spirit of Himachal at Old Manali, and you will surely not be disappointed!... More
How To Reach
The temple is only a mere 3 kms away from here and you can either walk or hire a cab to the temple which is available in plenty. But I would suggest that you trek to the temple, because it is a vital part of the whole experience.