A weekend getaway to Jaipur
Rejoice yourself in the city of lights
A weekend getaway to Jaipur
Rejoice yourself in the city of lights
Average Budget
2 days
Jaipur is a demanding yet captivating tourist destination that is full of extremes, from opulent and lavish palaces through to grinding daily poverty. It is the state that conforms to our exotic preconceptions of India: turbans, lakes, palaces, forts, snake charmers, mahouts, and maharajas. The architecture blends Rajput and Mughal influences with stunning palaces, hillside forts and unbeatable hospitality. Travel to Jaipur to see India’s true majestic past and to feel how the kings and rulers of India used to live. Jaipur is really a very magnificent city with its splendid palaces, which till date are well preserved, its vibrant markets and feel of the city being a remarkable tourist destination. ... More
When should you take this
Winters is the perfect time to travel to Jaipur, while whole of India is battling harsh cold temperatures Jaipur always have some respite. Summers are unbearable unless you are more of an explorer than we think. Monsoon season is short but has intense rainfalls.... More
Things you should know
1)Trying Rajasthani dishes is a must on this trip. Try to look out for various eateries and bakeries on the streets where you can get the best of the local food. Always be on the lookout for these things.
2)Jaipur is a much visited tourist destination, and where there are tourists, there are scams. You're guaranteed to be approached on numerous occasions. However, the most common scam which all visitors should be aware of is the gem scam. It comes in various guises but the important thing to remember is under no circumstances should you purchase gemstones from someone who approaches you to do so, or enter into a business deal, no matter how much you think it may be in your favor to do so.
3)The constant summer heat is very draining, so it's important to take measures to avoid getting dehydrated if you visit during the hottest months. Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid staying out in the direct sun for too long.
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Where you're going to stay
Staying in Jaipur is particularly enjoyable. The city has some incredible authentic palaces that have been converted into hotels, giving guests a very regal experience. In terms of the best areas, Bani Park is peaceful and close to the Old City.... More
Things You Gotta Carry
How To Reach
By train

Indian Railways connect Jaipur from different cities of India and is one of the cheapest travel options. The Shatabdi Express is the most popular option from Delhi to Jaipur.

By air

Jaipur has domestic air links with many Indian cities such as Jodhpur, Udaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. The Jaipur airport is situated in Sanganer.

By road

The National Highway no.8 connects Delhi to Jaipur via the new corporate hub of Gurgaon. The journey from Delhi to Jaipur via car is 4 to 5 hours. Also, there is an excellent bus service between Jaipur to Delhi by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC). Buses to and from other major cities in northern India also are very accessible and convenient.