Sandy toes, beach parties & coastal roads - 5 days in Goa
You are not cancelling it this time
Sandy toes, beach parties & coastal roads - 5 days in Goa
You are not cancelling it this time
5 days
Goa is a party that never ends. Perhaps the quintessential Indian destination with its golden beaches, shimmering blue waters and sun soaked palm trees - there is never a dearth of amazing things to do in Goa. This is where the Flower Children once bloomed and where hippies still throng for that lingering of ecstasy. That in no way deters affluent travellers from spending cash on the millions of luxurious resorts dotting Goa's beaches.... More
When should you take this
Goa looks the best in monsoons and the winters. But the state of Goa is totally different. In monsoon Goa looks beautiful and have very few travelers. Hence, everything in Goa is available on slashed prices. This is the time you should go if you want to have a very budget-friendly trip. But if you are someone who wants a good crowd, and wants to experience beaches completely, you should visit in winters, but keep in mind the prices are high and could hurt your pocket. Hence, the best time to visit goa is exactly before the new years and the christmas, which makes it after October till Mid december. ... More
Things you should know
1)Time your visit Goa is lovely during monsoon (June to September) when the countryside is a patchwork of green. October through March is fairly pleasant, but avoid the summer months of April and May, when the temperature can reach an unholy 36°C (97° Fahrenheit), and the humidity will send you scampering back to your air-conditioned hotel room. December is the most popular time of the year for visitors, when every corner of the state celebrates Christmas and New Year. Be warned: this is also when two of India’s biggest music festivals, Sunburn and Supersonic, come to town, and with them thousands of young festival-goers. This influx of visitors chokes arterial roads, which can make travel challenging.
2)Take a siesta. Goans still follow the Portuguese practice of afternoon siestas, and many businesses close between lunch and tea-time (about 1 pm to 4 pm) every day. Most also prefer to remain shut on Sundays, even in the capital city of Panaji. Goa’s relaxed, contented way of life is expressed as “susegad,” from the Portuguese word “sossegado,” meaning quiet.

3)Ask for directions. If you head out of the city, don’t rely on Google Maps—it tends to fail you outside Goa’s larger hubs

4)Don’t hail a cab. Although it’s a tourist hub, the public transport system in Goa is pretty sparse. Traveling by road is your only option, and the buses are not well-connected. Cab and auto rickshaw fares are not standar,dized, and will leave a dent in your wallet. Instead, make your way around the sunny state with a rental bike (or car), which you can hire for as little as 250 rupees (under $4) a day

5)Keep your drinking off the roads.
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Where you're going to stay
There are many hotels in Goa in North Goa and Panjim. There prices and avalability only depends upon the time being they are visited at. If they are being visited in the peak months than on hands availability is a huge concern, you have to make sure you book online if you are coming in peak season and also be ready to spend a lot of money if peak season is what you choose. ... More
Things You Gotta Carry
Moisturizing cream
Flip flops
Cotton Clothes
How To Reach
By trains

Indian Railways connects Goa with direct train services from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Kochi, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The destination station is usually Madgaon in South Goa, one can also choose to get down at Thivim in North Goa. Travelling to Goa by train is a real pleasure as the route passes through greenery and many tunnels.

By air

The Dabolim airport in Vasco da Gama is Goa's only airport. Some airlines fly directly to Goa, but most international flights arrive via Mumbai. Many domestic airlines have daily flights to and from Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Kozhikode.

By road

There are several bus routes from various cities, but most traffic is from mainly Mumbai and Pune. Due to increasing demand from the south, there has been an increase in buses and trains from Mangalore and Bangalore. Overnight buses from Mumbai to Goa are an alternative to trains and flying. Book in advance during the crowded seasons (particularly during the Christmas-New Year rush, for Carnival, or when other Indian regions have school holidays when families travel)